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We are a TSCM Services Company in Vancouver, BC

We are frequently called to provide Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Bug Sweeps) services for both Corporate & Residential.

We protect our client’s privacy by eradicating listening devices, electronic trackers and covertly placed cameras from their businesses, homes and vehicles.

Our mission is to protect our client’s information and privacy through preparedness, knowledge and diligence.

We Locate All Types Of Devices.

FM Transmitters, GSM Transmitters, Wired Devices, Phone Taps, Hidden Cameras, Wi-Fi Enabled, Bluetooth & Vehicle Tracking Devices, among others.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) play an important role in detecting and removing malicious devices in homes, offices, meeting areas and vehicles.

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Our Corporate TSCM Services in Vancouver

Protect your privacy with our expert services

The Experts in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Bug Sweeps)

Detect. Identify. Locate.

Professional TSCM Services

Strategy is a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty.

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Advanced Bug Sweeps & Countermeasures to Secure Your Privacy

Proven Results in TSCM

Secure Your Business From Unauthorised Tracking & Monitoring Devices

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Stay Protected From Electronic Eavesdroppers & Covert Surveillance Cameras In Vancouver, BC


Our Residential TSCM Services in Vancouver


We take pride in our work and it shows in the results we get for our clients. See some of their success stories here.

Find out how we can assist you our TSCM services that are tailored to your needs.


Bug Sweeps Safeguard Your Information & Privacy From Electronic Eavesdropping

Keeping your information private has never been more important. Today’s business environment is high pressure. Eavesdropping equipment that uses numerous technologies has never been easier to obtain. COMSCAN TSCM is knowledgeable in all technologies used today.

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Clients testimonials

Business Owners Rely on COMSCAN TSCM & Wireless Security Corp. to Safeguard Their Privacy and Information with Advanced Detection and Eradication Techniques.

My company was being spied on by competitors. I knew what they were looking for from outside sources but I did not know how they were going about it. I hired COMSCAN to find out how and where the leaks were originating. Hiring them was a wise decision. Stephen was thorough and knowledgeable.  After discovering a major problem area he continued on in a tenacious manner and found another source of the information leaks. He also provided me with some useful recommendations after he finished.

Thank you so much for taking on our assignment on such short notice. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and the manner in which you handled our requests while you worked!