The key to a successful TSCM Bug Sweep is utilizing a multi-layered approach and not relying on one or two pieces of equipment. Our equipment is far superior to equipment that is often used by other providers that provide a sub-par service at inflated costs.

One of the challenges of a TSCM Bug Sweep is identifying and differentiating innocuous Radio Frequency (RF) activity from malicious RF sources. Having the proper equipment and training is paramount for today’s TSCM providers. With technological advancements comes new, advanced equipment to address the new threats.

Our equipment detects all types of RF devices, including devices that utilize newer technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular technologies that are abundant in office and residential environments. The very same wireless technologies that make life easier for us to communicate and conduct business have opened just as many doors for bad actors in the field of industrial espionage.

In order to understand the RF activity in any environment it is important to identify the various sources. It is fairly easy to detect Radio Frequency Transmissions with entry level equipment that usually only indicates the signal strength. Our equipment takes it much further with Signal Analysis. We can identify the actual frequency and bandwidth of the device and in the case of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth we can provide unique identifiers such as SSIDs and MAC Addresses. This will be included in the report for future reference when comparing known safe devices to unknown and potentially malicious devices.

If a TSCM Operator is not able to get a clear identification of the signal, with the abundance of signals in most modern environments it only slows the process of locating its origins and provides few answers. Thus, clients end up paying for delays and potential misses and vague reporting for future reference.

Our equipment also has a wide variety of capabilities to address the complete range of threats in the modern world of TSCM.

Our TSCM equipment includes:

Before you hire a TSCM provider, ask for specific information related to their equipment and do your due diligence.