Corporate TSCM Consulting is a process in which our experts helps your business to find and assess potential security risks and recommend solutions to mitigate these risks.

Corporate TSCM Consulting can be useful for businesses of all sizes, in all industries, from small businesses that may not have the resources to invest in their own full-time TSCM department to large multinational corporations that may require assistance with managing multiple TSCM providers across multiple locations.

Our TSCM Consulting Expertise

COMSCAN TSCM and Wireless Security provide FREE Consulting for every assigned bug sweep.

There are many things to take in to consideration for a successful outcome of a TSCM operation. As each case is unique it is important to engage with clients to a gain all of the relevant information. We operate at the highest levels of privacy and ensure all communications from start to finish are confidential.

Our solutions are individually tailored on a case by case basis. Upon completion of the sweep we will provide any necessary recommendations that we believe will help prevent intrusions. We can also assist with the procurement of extra TSCM providers for large operations or operations in multiple cities to ensure they are adequately equipped and trained, scheduling, strategizing and physical security measures.

Small Business Bug Sweep Services

Small Businesses are especially vulnerable when it comes to Industrial espionage. Owners and employees of these businesses often have the majority of contact with potential clients and partners. They may be the ones who collect market research or discuss new products in development.

Small Businesses are also more likely to use unsecured means of communication, like personal smartphones and email. This leaves them open to malicious actors who could hack these businesses to gather information about the company.

To protect your business, you should consider using Small Business Bug Sweeps to ensure that your sensitive information is not compromised. These sweeps can be conducted by a professional security firm like COMSCAN TSCM and will help to identify any eavesdropping devices that may have been placed in your office or on your personal devices.

Corporate Bug Sweep Services

Corporate espionage is a huge problem for businesses worldwide, and it’s only getting worse. According to some estimates, billions of dollars are lost yearly to intellectual property theft and corporate espionage.

The business world offers numerous opportunities for illicit devices to be deployed. Threats come not only from professional eavesdroppers hired by competitors but also from foreign governments, ambitious employees, and third parties susceptible to bribery.

Even amateur eavesdroppers can easily find a way to eavesdrop on private conversations or steal trade secrets. When a bug goes undetected, there is no limit to the harm that can be inflicted on a company’s competitiveness, bottom line, and reputation.

The only way to protect your business from electronic espionage is to have a Corporate Bug Sweep performed. Corporate Bug Sweep Services specializes in detecting and neutralizing electronic eavesdropping devices.

We use the latest technology, and our team of highly trained professionals has years of experience in sweep services. Don’t take chances with your business – contact us today, and let us help you protect your intellectual property.

Off-Site Bug Sweeps

Off-site meetings are a potential security risk for any organization. With no control over the security of the meeting room and often little knowledge of who has access to the room before the event, there is an increased risk of industrial espionage and other malicious activity.

TSCM Off-Site Bug Sweep Services provide peace of mind by ensuring that the meeting room is free of all devices that could be used to eavesdrop on the meeting.

Our experienced professionals will check the room for all types of devices and sweep the surrounding area to ensure that your meeting is secure. With TSCM Off-Site Bug Sweep Services, you can rest assured that your meeting will be protected anytime, anywhere.

Business Meetings and Negotiations Sweeps

TSCM services are used to clear the meeting room(s) of all different devices, including those in the surrounding area. Our team checks for all types of devices in the meeting room itself and surrounding area, so you can be confident that your meeting is secure.

Business and negotiation meeting rooms are often left unlocked, making them far more open to attack than normal office and meeting rooms. Business competitors can use this to their benefit, as they often learn of major events ahead of time.

COMSCAN provides comprehensive sweeps and cell phone signal monitoring for clients who want to take the extra step in maintaining private communications.

What our client say

My company was being spied on by competitors. I knew what they were looking for from outside sources but I did not know how they were going about it. I hired COMSCAN to find out how and where the leaks were originating. Hiring them was a wise decision. Stephen was thorough and knowledgeable.  After discovering a major problem area he continued on in a tenacious manner and found another source of the information leaks. He also provided me with some useful recommendations after he finished.

Thank you so much for taking on our assignment on such short notice. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and the manner in which you handled our requests while you worked!

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