Professional countermeasure services are the most effective way to address electronic eavesdropping attacks.

We meet our client’s objectives by integrating professional-grade equipment and modern search methods.

Prior to commencing the sweep, we conduct a Threat Assessment. This includes a survey of the facility or structure and a conversation with clients to better prepare the operative and mitigate potential threats in the future.

Today’s signal environment is denser than ever.

Particularly in the wireless environment. In recent years there has been a spectacular growth of available devices that utilize Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular technologies. Devices that use these technologies can record and transmit conversations, locations and video footage globally. When they go undetected, they can be extremely useful to bad actors with bad intents. Our multifaceted approach includes equipment that is specifically designed to detect these devices.

COMSCAN TSCM has embraced new detection of intrusion methods and technology.

We are equally prepared to detect older yet proven eavesdropping methods, such as wiretaps and FM transmitters. Not one single technology can effectively detect every device available on the market. That is why we have invested in an array of equipment to cover all methods of device deployment. Some TSCM providers rely heavily on spectrum analysis to the point where they believe other methods of detection are not necessary. This way of thinking is time-consuming and costly to the client. It can also result in missing passive devices that do not emit RF, such as voice recorders, cameras or devices that are simply on standby mode or need battery replacement.

Our TSCM sweeps are comprehensive and they are implemented through engaging, planning and executing.

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