About COMSCAN TSCM Wireless Security Corp.

COMSCAN TSCM and Wireless Security Corp. is based in Greater Vancouver, Canada. We are frequently called to provide Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Bug Sweeps) where needed.

We protect our client’s privacy by eradicating listening devices, electronic trackers and covertly placed cameras from their businesses, homes and vehicles.

Our mission is to protect our client’s information and privacy through preparedness, knowledge and diligence. Our motto is simple, “Detect Identify Locate”. What matters most to us is our client’s satisfaction. From the initial contact to the conclusion of a project, we work in a timely manner.

Scheduling permitted, we can respond rapidly to any project request. While conducting TSCM sweeps, we take great care to pay attention to all methods of interception and intrusion that malicious actors may use.

We have specialized training and use high-grade equipment to scan for electronic intrusions and unauthorized communications. Clients often comment on our thoroughness.

Our services are available for any business, organization or person who needs to protect confidential information or enhance their personal security.


The TSCM sweeps can be scheduled inspections as one part of an information risk management program or to mitigate an ongoing or past threat.

One of the more common reasons we have been contracted to sweep a home or business is when clients learn that their private conversations have been compromised.

Businesses use our services as a part of a risk management process prior to and during sensitive office meetings when protecting information is of the upmost importance.

Executives often conduct business from their homes and vehicles. Checks should also be scheduled for these areas if there is any chance the security of these places has been breached.

People from all walks of life have unfortunate breakups and relationship issues. We have been called many times to check homes and vehicles for all types of devices, including audio transmitters, covertly placed cameras and tracking devices.

There really is no limit to the circumstances that cause people to request our services. Preventative measures, competition in business and personal security issues from bad relationships. That is to name just a few reasons.

Not all bug sweeps are created equal. When you hire us to conduct a bug sweep, you can be assured that you are getting the best, most complete service at competitive pricing. TSCM is our specialty, and we take your privacy problems seriously. Discover how professional bug sweeps conducted by COMSCAN can protect your privacy.


What You Can Expect From Our TSCM Services

When a member of our TSCM team arrives at your business or residence, we will first conduct a threat assessment of your location. This is followed by multilayered electronic checks of:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) activity in the environment, including GSM and Bluetooth transmissions
  • Wired devices in electrical outlets and hardwired devices
  • NLJD sweep for devices that are turned off or hidden in walls, ceilings and furniture
  • Microphone detection
  • Landline checks for phone taps
  • Hidden camera detection
  • Phone room and server room sweeps where applicable
  • Electronic Tracker detection
  • Visual Inspection of all areas

What Our Clients Say

My company was being spied on by competitors. I knew what they were looking for from outside sources but I did not know how they were going about it. I hired COMSCAN to find out how and where the leaks were originating. Hiring them was a wise decision. Stephen was thorough and knowledgeable.  After discovering a major problem area he continued on in a tenacious manner and found another source of the information leaks. He also provided me with some useful recommendations after he finished.

Thank you so much for taking on our assignment on such short notice. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and the manner in which you handled our requests while you worked!

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