COMSCAN TSCM provides high-level residential bug sweeps for private citizens who are going through divorce, separation or other forms of litigation. Many believe that illicit electronic surveillance in their homes is out of possibility. A quick online search will show you a vast array of audio and video equipment designed to secretly record audio and video files that can be streamed using Wi-Fi or cell phone (GSM) technology.

Our residential bug sweeps are as unobtrusive as possible and highly confidential. Vehicle Bug Sweeps are often included when adversaries have had access to our client’s vehicle. Our flat rates and competitive pricing make a residential bug sweep a realistic option for people whose privacy or personal safety is being compromised.

Our TSCM Consulting Expertise

COMSCAN TSCM and Wireless Security provide FREE Consulting for every assigned bug sweep.

COMSCAN TSCM provides high level consulting. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to detect and mitigate any type of electronic surveillance threat. We understand that each client’s situation is unique, which is why we offer a variety of services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Residential TSCM Consulting services include:

  1. A comprehensive vulnerability assessment of your home or office to identify any potential security holes that could be exploited by an adversary.
  2. Advanced detection equipment to monitor all activity in and around your premises.
  3. A detailed report outlining all findings and recommendations for mitigating any threats.

If you are concerned that you may be the target of electronic surveillance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with COMSCAN TSCM today for a free consultation. We will assess your situation and recommend the best course of action to protect your privacy and safety.

Home Office Bug Sweeps

COMSCAN TSCM is a trusted and experienced provider of electronic eavesdropping detection and prevention services for Home Office Bug Sweeps. We offer a range of services to protect your home office from unauthorized access and spying. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to identify and remove any bugs, cameras, or tracking devices that may be installed in your office. We also provide training and education to help you protect your privacy and maintain the security of your data.

Our services are confidential and affordable. We understand the importance of protecting your privacy and will work with you to ensure that your home office is safe from eavesdropping and other forms of electronic surveillance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Vehicle Bug Sweeps

Vehicle bug sweep services are for the detection and removal of electronic tracking devices and listening devices from vehicles. The purpose of these services is to protect the privacy of the vehicle's owner and the people inside it. Vehicle bug sweeps are typically conducted by a professional service, such as COMSCAN TSCM, that has the experience and equipment necessary to locate and remove any devices that may be installed on or in the vehicle.

The process of conducting a vehicle bug sweep begins with a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. If any devices are located, the service will use specialized equipment to remove them. This can include trackers that are installed on the exterior or underside of a car, as well as listening devices that are hidden in compartments or under the chassis.

Vehicle bug sweeps are an important tool for protecting your privacy and security. If you are concerned that someone may be tracking or listening to your vehicle, contact a professional service like COMSCAN TSCM for a thorough inspection.

Apartment Bug Sweeps

An apartment bug sweep is a process where a technician searches an apartment for illicit devices that may be used to spy on or record the activities of the occupants. This service is important for anyone who is moving into a new apartment, especially if they want to ensure their privacy.

The technician will search for all types of devices, including audio and video recorders, transmitters, and wiretaps. They will also check for trackers and voice recorders in vehicles. This service is important for anyone who wants to ensure their privacy and security.

Vacation Rental Bug Sweeps

A Vacation Rental Bug Sweep service is a valuable resource for anyone needing to protect their privacy while on vacation. The service includes a full analysis of the unit's radio frequency activity, hidden camera detection, and wireless security checks. This allows guests to feel safe and secure while enjoying their vacation rental.

This service is also beneficial for property owners. By detecting and removing hidden cameras and other electronic devices, owners can provide a safe environment for their renters. A Vacation Rental Bug Sweep service is an important tool for ensuring privacy and safety for all guests.

What our client say

My company was being spied on by competitors. I knew what they were looking for from outside sources but I did not know how they were going about it. I hired COMSCAN to find out how and where the leaks were originating. Hiring them was a wise decision. Stephen was thorough and knowledgeable.  After discovering a major problem area he continued on in a tenacious manner and found another source of the information leaks. He also provided me with some useful recommendations after he finished.

Thank you so much for taking on our assignment on such short notice. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and the manner in which you handled our requests while you worked!

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